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Frequently Asked Questions


What if I get nauseous or vomit while consuming the colonoscopy prep?

Continue to drink liquids and continue to prep as instructed. You may also consider slowing down the prep.


What if I cannot tolerate the taste of the prep? 

Try the following: add ice, chase with drink of choice, suck through a straw, chew gum


What are the side effects from the prep?

Bloating, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting.  You may also experience chills or headaches.


What if I have rectal irritation during colon prep?

Apply ­­­­desitin or Vaseline after each wipe after bowel movements.


Do I take my morning medication on the day of the procedure?

Yes, with small sips of water.


Can I wear Jewelry to my procedure?

No, all jewelry must be removed before the procedure.  It's best to leave at home.


Can I travel after my procedure?

If a large polyp is removed or if there are other concerns then travelling is NOT recommended for 14 days.


Is an adult driver needed to bring me to my procedure? 



Can I uber to my procedure?

No,  an adult driver MUST accompany you to the procedure.

Can my driver come in with me to check in?

Yes, but then they will have to wait in their vehicle until you are discharged.  

How will my driver know I'm ready to be discharged?

After your procedure, the doctor and/or a nurse will call your driver to review your discharge instructions and let them know when you are ready to be discharged.  It is very important that your driver answer these calls.


Do I need a COVID test prior to my procedure?

  • If your procedure is at Highland Hospital: Yes 2-5 days prior.

  • If your procedure is at GGR: Only if you cannot provide proof of vaccination.  You must bring your vaccine card (or a copy of both sides of your card) with you to your procedure.  Failure to provide proof of vaccination may result in your procedure being canceled and the $200 cancellation fee may be applied to your account.

Where can I get a COVID test prior to my procedure?

URMC Lab located at 158 Sawgrass Drive, Rochester, NY 14620.  

Hours: M-F 7:30am - 5pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-noon

Phone (585) 256-0473

Does GGR use MyChart?

We have a different Patient Portal that is not MyChart but functions in a similar capacity.

How can I create a Patient Portal account?

You will need an activation code, which our staff can send via email if you call the office.

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