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Effectiveness of Virtual Colonoscopy

The CapsoCam® Colon (CV3) Endoscope is an investigational medical device which means it has not yet been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used by physicians to give to their patients. This study will determine if the study capsule can see abnormal growths in the large intestine in a similar way that colonoscopy does. The large intestine is a section of your digestive system that collects water from the final waste from digested food just before it exits the body. It is important for a study doctor to see this section of your intestine to determine digestive health.


The study capsule is about ½ inch in diameter and a bit longer than 1 ¼ inches long. It is designed to be swallowed like a normal pill and takes video of the lining of your digestive tract as it passes through your body.



Up to $575

Are you eligible to participate? 

  • 45-75 years of Age

  • Committed to undergo a colonoscopy, independent of this study

  • Choose to participate and must have signed the IRB-approved informed consent document and agreed to release colonoscopy images and results report to sponsor

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