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Sophisticated tests have been developed in recent years to help physicians evaluate your condition and prescribe treatment. At Gastroenterology Group of Rochester, our expert physicians use the latest medical equipment to screen patients via procedures like the colonoscopy, endoscopy, upper endoscopy, and flexible sigmoidoscopy. These are very effective procedures used to detect early disease conditions.

When you come to Gastroenterology Group of Rochester for preventive screening and diagnostic testing, you’ll meet a team of specialists—experts in their field. We will listen carefully, perform the procedure skillfully, and recommend a course of treatment for your symptoms. You’ll find everyone in our group friendly and supportive during this process.

You might hesitate or procrastinate scheduling a test because of the preparation needed. But, your doctor will recommend a process that is easy to follow. So for a little bit of discomfort, there’s a big payoff—peace of mind, early detection, better health, longer life.

Make the decision now. It’s especially important if you have a family history of colon cancer. (Anticipation is a whole lot worse than the procedure. Stop procrastinating!!) If you are 50 or older, schedule your colonoscopy appointment. Get Screened! Call us today at 585-271-2800!

Prevention is Key to Maintaining Your Health

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